Let our professional estate agents guide you through the process of selling your bungalow. We’ve put together some information about why you should sell and how our team can help you do so…

Why is a bungalow in Chichester desirable?

Bungalows are single-storey properties that have a number of advantages:


Due to an ageing population, people may find them an appealing choice due to the fact they don’t have stairs. Anybody with mobility issues can benefit from a bungalow, since the entire home is on one floor.

Bungalows can even be ideal for families with young children. As the entire home is on one floor, it can prove to be a safer option.

Unique properties

Commonly situated on large plots and,.due to their unique design, these properties can often come with a large garden – a very attractive feature for potential purchasers.

As they are not so common as houses and flats, there can sometimes be fewer bungalows on the market than other forms of housing. As they are more difficult to find, they can become more desirable and quicker to sell.

Low maintenance

Bungalows are a great option for those who wish to downsize and are looking for a home that will be lower maintenance. With no stairs to contend with and often featuring open-plan designs, these properties are much simpler to keep clean and tidy.

Why is Chichester an attractive area to potential purchasers?

Chichester is located in the county of West Sussex, South East England. It is an appealing city for a number of reasons, such as:

Coastal views: It is only a short distance from the West Sussex coastline.

Quieter: Quiet rural locations whilst not being completely isolated.

Excellent transport links: Chichester is well-connected by road and by rail, with a number of good train links to Brighton, London and Portsmouth.

History: Chichester’s history dates back to Roman times and is home to a beautiful cathedral and many museums.

How to sell your Chichester bungalow

If you’re ready to sell, our team can support you throughout the entire process. Selling your property can feel daunting, but with our professional property experts by your side, it has never been more simple.

Arrange a property valuation

Start by arranging a property valuation. This is an important step when selling your home, as it can help you determine its current market value, helping you attract potential buyers who are looking for homes within this price range. A valuation can also help you to identify areas of the property that may need repairs.

Our experienced property experts can arrange a valuation for your bungalow, providing you with a realistic idea of what the property is worth.

Choosing the right estate agents

It’s important to choose an estate agent that offers you the right support and guidance throughout the selling process.

Here at Hancock & Partners, our extensive network of contacts means that we can help you find the best potential buyers. We can also schedule and arrange viewings for your property, to ensure that it’s shown in the best possible light. Our professional team can manage negotiations with buyers and see through the sales process.

Preparing your home for sale & listing your property

Before listing your home, make any necessary repairs and declutter to make your bungalow as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Our property experts will then help you create a listing for your property that includes attractive photographs and a detailed description that will encourage viewings.

Showing your home & offers

It’s now time to show your home. When people show an interest, we will arrange viewings. Once you have received an offer, we will review it together and then negotiate any terms with the potential buyer.

Offer accepted – what’s next?

Once an offer has been accepted, there are lots of things you can do to make sure the sale stays on track. Keep in touch with your solicitor and our property experts so that you are up to date with where things are in the process. Be efficient in producing any requested paperwork and your sale should stay moving.

Contracts will then be exchanged, meaning that both parties are legally tied to the sale. This is the last stage in the legal process after which you can’t pull out – without losing a deposit and solicitor’s fees.


On completion day, the money for the sale will be transferred from the buyer’s solicitor to your solicitor. Our efficient estate agents will continue to update you throughout the completion day. Once completed, your home has then officially been sold.

How Hancock can help you sell your bungalow in Chichester

Here at Hancock & Partners, we know exactly how to present your property. We can help by showcasing the best photos of your property, and writing enticing listing descriptions that will attract potential buyers. As we are local estate agents, we know the Chichester area and the surrounding villages extremely well. This means we have the knowledge to showcase its benefits to truly sell the positives of your property. Our team can identify the right people to sell your bungalow to from the start.

Choose Hancock & Partners

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