The coronavirus pandemic has largely brought typical property viewings to a halt, which may have caused significant inconvenience if you have been looking to relocate over the past year. We know that viewing a property can often give you a real feel for the place, that can’t quite be captured through photographs alone.

Many of our clients are looking to relocate from the hustle and bustle of big cities like London to the more quiet, historic and picturesque Chichester, or the surrounding areas. Although in some cases, property viewings have continued, the travel bans in place mean that potential buyers and tenants are unable to travel to the areas they wish to move to, in order to view properties. Not only is this frustrating, but it has caused many people to have to completely change their plans.

Luckily, at Hancock and Partners, we have implemented the perfect solution to this issue, by providing high-quality virtual viewings. Not only were we one of the first estate agencies to introduce virtual viewings, but we also remain as one of very few to offer virtual viewings for lettings, rather than just properties for sale.

How Do Our Virtual Viewings Work?

The virtual viewings we offer provide our tenants and buyers with an interactive walk-through. These viewings allow them to get full insight into every aspect of the property both visually, and through the opportunity to ask any questions. Like with typical viewings, you will be able to ask the estate agent to stay in different areas for longer, hone in on certain aspects and ask for any information you require. You are in completely safe hands with our expert team, who will be able to provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision from the comfort of your home.

We have put together a number of the benefits that virtual viewings offer below:


The prevalence of virtual viewings have been largely fuelled by the need to socially distance and remain in your local area to limit the spread of COVID-19. Many properties are viewed by a significant number of people before they are eventually let or purchased, which presents several risks, and could contribute to the spread of the virus. Virtual viewings offer a safe alternative to viewing properties, that can provide you and our estate agents with the peace of mind that no one is being put at unnecessary risk.


Especially if you are looking to relocate a significant distance away from where you currently call home, it can be extremely inconvenient to have to travel to the area each time a potential property goes on the market. With virtual viewings, you can view properties near or far without having to travel anywhere, providing you with much more time to look at a larger number of properties that have sparked your interest.

Narrowing Down Options

If you are somebody that is still very much a fan of physical viewings, the virtual viewing option can be used as an initial process, allowing you to completely narrow down the options you wish to view. This means that you only have to spend time physically viewing houses that you already know you are interested in, rather than feeling as though you have wasted your time and energy viewing properties that do not meet your criteria.

Engage With A Realistic Experience

Another one of the notable advantages of virtual viewings is that they provide a realistic experience of properties. Viewers can fully immerse themselves in even the more subtle details of the property, which allows them to make a more accurate judgment than what can be done through viewing images alone. Throughout the course of your virtual viewing, you will also be given various opportunities to ask our knowledgeable estate agents about any aspect of the property, in the same way, you would at a typical viewing.

The Future Of Virtual Viewing

Although virtual viewing was primarily introduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it does not mean that these types of viewings will disappear as life returns to normal. Virtual property viewings have presented tenants, landlords and estate agents alike with a number of astounding benefits, as previously mentioned. So, although the option to physically view homes will soon be available again, we and many other estate agencies will still provide our clients with the option of virtual viewing, if this suits their needs.

Virtual Viewing With Hancock and Partners

At Hancock and Partners, we are forever striving to branch out our services and make buying, selling, letting and viewing properties as simple and as efficient as possible. We are extremely proud to have effectively launched virtual viewings that provide tenants and buyers with a convenient and high-quality solution to viewing homes despite the current circumstances. We hope that this service will continue to be extremely beneficial in the future too. If you would like to find out more information about virtual viewing with us, or any of our listed properties, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team here. We look forward to hearing from you!