In recent weeks, it has become increasingly likely that we may need to endure another lockdown at some point. Although this may seem worrying for future property transactions, we would like to reassure you that at Hancock and Partners, we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that our business is fully prepared for a second lockdown. This means that our landlords, tenants, prospective buyers and sellers, will be able to work seamlessly with us to secure successful outcomes in the West Sussex property market. To learn more about how we have prepared ourselves for the possibility of a further lockdown, feel free to continue reading.

 Marketing of properties is fully digitalised

 As you will be aware, when looking to put a property up for sale or to rent, marketing is one of the most important aspects of this process to ensure you find the right buyer or tenant. You need to maximise the number of people who will view the property’s availability, incorporating a variety of online methods to raise awareness. If a second lockdown were to occur, we have fully digitalised the marketing with online professional PDF brochures, and we are easily able to upload properties to our website from home as soon as we receive an instruction. Our online brochures are not only convenient but also help to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our team is easily contactable

Ever since we first launched back in 1991, we have made it a priority to build an experienced and hardworking team – as we have a combination of over 100 years’ experience in the Chichester property market. You will be pleased to know that if we need to start working from home, you will still have the ability to speak to our friendly members of staff, as all our office phone lines are fully functioning from remote locations if required. That means we can instantly transfer your call to the best team member to help you regardless of their location. Our staff also stay in touch on regular Microsoft Teams meetings, so everyone is up to date with the ongoing business operations.

All property transactions are fully digitalised when required

As mentioned previously, we have digitalised our business processes in-house, so we can ensure all property transactions may be handled remotely when required. At Hancock and Partners, we use state-of-the-art cloud-based property software that allows us to centrally manage the sales, lettings, property management, website and client accounts. Every business system, including emails, are cloud-based and can be accessed by any staff member from home. All of our files are also backed up on a daily basis, which ensures our team has the latest up-to-date information at their fingertips if working from home.

Safe environment 

In the office, we have created a Covid-safe environment for both staff and visitors. The layout allows us to socially distance from colleagues and customers, while still working to the highest standards that we aim for. When arranging property viewings, we can replicate this safe environment with prospective buyers or tenants and can even conduct virtual tours when required. We also have the technology to create 360-degree virtual tours of your home when marketing your property to potential buyers and tenants, so this is something you should enquire about if looking to target your property to an increasingly online audience.

Would you like to speak to the Hancock and Partners team? 

While we are fully prepared for a second lockdown with all office systems replicated at home, Hancock and Partners office at 5 Northgate in Chichester is still functioning normally and we are most definitely open for business.

If you would like to learn more about the services we can provide whether you are looking to sell, buy or rent a property, our team would be happy to have a chat. You are welcome to call us on 01243 531111, or you can complete the contact form on our website and we will be on hand to advise on all your property needs.