In the world’s current climate, there are a number of new restrictions, which you need to take into consideration when selling your property. You may be unaware that you have the opportunity to use virtual tours of your home when marketing your home to potential buyers. 

Early indicators suggest that the property industry is leading the way in the economic recovery and virtual tours are one way that the property industry can continue to work as normal during this time. 

Here at Hancock & Partners, using our combined knowledge and experience of over 100 years in the Chichester property market, we can help you prepare your home for virtual viewings to ensure you attract the most serious and interested buyers. It now makes more sense than ever to have a digital tour created for the successful sale of your property.

What are virtual property viewings? 

Virtual viewings allow users to take a ‘visual walk’ through a home or apartment available for rent or sale – in a very similar way to Google’s ‘Street View’ Feature, only inside a property. Here at Hancock & Partners, we have virtual tours available on our website which allow our customers to enjoy a fully interactive walk-through. You can guarantee that a virtual tour will allow your property to reach more buyers and stand out from the competition.

At the moment, estate agents are able to conduct viewings with only one other person present, with strict PPE and cleaning measures observed. In place of an initial viewing, virtual viewings have become the perfect alternative. This is becoming the new normal, as agents have had to re-evaluate the way they deliver their services and communicate with their customers. Although buyers and vendors need to practice social distancing and limit their touch of hard surfaces, this doesn’t mean the market has to stand still. 

How do virtual viewings help vendors and buyers? 

Virtual viewings have always been incredibly beneficial to both vendors and buyers. For example, from a customer’s perspective, they help to streamline the time spent searching and short-listing properties to view, only organising physical viewings for those in which they are most interested, in turn, saving vendors time. 

Although virtual viewings are playing an important role in the current market situation, it is highly likely that virtual tours will become commonplace in the housing market. Although they are unlikely to replace actual viewings altogether, they will help enhance the buying experience for both estate agents and buyers as when a potential buyer views a video tour and decides they want to see the house for sale in person, they will have a greater intention to buy the property. Virtual tours allow a more inclusive approach, allowing anyone to view a prospective home without the need to travel. Therefore, if the quality of the buyers makes up for a reduction in the quantity of viewings, vendors should feel reassured. 

How can you prepare your property for a virtual viewing? 

Unlike normal photos, visitors can enjoy 360-degree views of the entire home from its exterior to its interior – which means the property needs to be prepared in advance. You need to ensure you’re giving buyers the opportunity to envision the home as their own, by making it feel warm and inviting even in the virtual world. The option to view the property virtually is an effective and innovative marketing tool, so it is important you take full advantage of this opportunity. 

  • Declutter

As we have already touched upon, it is important that your virtual visitors like your property and imagine it to be a place where they can live happily, raise their family and grow old. Therefore, a little home TLC can go a long way. Clear tables, desks, floors and countertops of miscellaneous items and ensure these items are stored away and out of sight. You do not want to distract the visitor from the important features you want them to notice. 

  • Stage your property

The decorations in your home need to be arranged in a visually appealing manner, showing potential buyers how your home can look. Wall art, frames, and lamp shades should be straight, and avoid any seasonal decor which might date the content. Introduce the perfect accessories and accents to add warmth and homeliness to the rooms, so your visitors are drawn in to your home.

  • Clean everything

This may seem incredibly obvious, but make sure your property is spotless. In a virtual tour, even the smallest stain or bit of dust will be captured. Cleaning your home is the most efficient and cheapest way to make your home seem presentable and desirable. For example, check all furniture, pillows, and linens for stains, dust every surface and maintain your level of cleanliness throughout the property. 

How can Hancock & Partners help you? 

As an estate agent in Chichester, our main priority is to ensure both our landlords, renters, sellers and buyers are supported throughout their journey with us. They can benefit from knowledgeable property professionals who have between 10 to 30 years’ experience in the industry. We completely understand that during this time it can be a stressful prospect to put your home on the market, but we are here to help.  We encourage you to contact us, so you can learn how we can assist. 

If you are interested in finding out more about virtual tours or if you have any questions at all about how they work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. You can give us a call on 01243 531155 and an experienced member of our team will be ready to offer advice and help.