Here at Hancock and Partners, we have a dedicated team of property specialists with extensive knowledge of the local property market and we are known as one of the best property management companies in Chichester. One of our experienced team members is Aimee Daniell, the Property Maintenance Manager.

About Aimee Daniell

As the Property Maintenance Manager of Hancock and Partners, Aimee thrives on providing an excellent, personal service to tenants and landlords, so they know their home is cared for and kept to a standard they would like it to be as homeowners and residents. 

Aimee joined Hancock and Partners in 2015 after commencing her career in property management over 15 years ago. Her extensive experience has placed her well, as not only does she understand the needs of landlords and tenants, but she can also foresee many problems which may occur due to everyday life. She has the ability to steer these away whenever possible, addressing the issues and correcting them seamlessly. 

Her role with Hancock and Partners varies greatly each day, which makes her position interesting and challenging. Aimee is fortunate to know the extensive portfolio of Hancock and Partners, which has built up over the past 30 years, as well as the landlords, some of whom have known the Directors since the 1990s.  

 Having the most up-to-date technology recently installed, along with her laptop and docking station, gives Aimee the flexibility to work from anywhere. The integrated phones are fantastic for the prompt action needed for the property maintenance manager role, especially over recent months with the need to work from home and the difficulties which have been presented to us all. 

 No matter whether you are a landlord or a tenant, Aimee has put together some helpful tips that may be useful for you to know. She would be delighted to chat any of these through with you, either advising you during tenancies or if you are a landlord considering letting a property. 

Preparing your property for letting 

When Hancock and Partners complete the initial lettings valuation of rental properties, they will advise you on any maintenance issues or decorative work that could be conducted to help showcase your property in the best possible light. Seasoned tenants will check for signs of damp, damaged plumbing and mould, so it is worth addressing these issues before the agent conducts viewings. 

A fresh coat of paint between tenancies is a relatively cost-effective way to keep your property looking its best. Tenants generally prefer neutral decoration, so they can put their own stamp on a property with their personal belongings. What all tenants also look for is a nice clean kitchen and bathroom with modern fixtures and fittings. If your property has been empty for a while, keep it well ventilated, dust-free and set the heating to come on for short periods during the winter months. There is nothing more off-putting than a freezing residential property.  

Property Management during the tenancy 

Hancock and Partners conduct regular property inspections throughout the duration of their tenancies which can help to flag any problematic maintenance issues. We recommend tradesmen and obtain quotes for any work we feel is necessary to maintain the standard of your residential property. These inspections can also determine whether a tenant is meeting their contractual obligations and maintaining your property’s condition to the best of their ability.

Our experienced property management team in Chichester, under the watchful eye of Aimee Daniell, is quick to respond to any maintenance issues as soon as they are reported by tenants, in order to assess what is needed and the required urgency of the response. For example, if the boiler breaks down out of hours, landlords appreciate that the call will be placed to the managing agent rather than directly to them. 

Older properties need careful management and ongoing maintenance 

Be aware that good quality tenants willing to pay a premium rental for an older property will be wowed by its period features, location, gardens and the “country estate” lifestyle. What will be less impressive is putting up with the maintenance issues which come with an older property. Damp, draughts and temperamental plumbing are all common problems in period properties and a good managing agent will address these issues promptly in the most cost-effective way possible for the landlord.

Would you like to work with Hancock and Partners?  

As a dedicated estate agent and property management company in Chichester and throughout West Sussex, at Hancock and Partners, we have the ability to help you secure the best outcome for your property needs, whether you are a landlord or tenant. We can utilise our extensive knowledge of the local market to ensure you can benefit from our experience. More importantly, as an ARLA Propertymark letting agent, our property management services have been refined over the years, offering a personalised landlord service using the very latest technology. 

 If you would like to get in touch with Aimee Daniell, or another member of the team, please feel free to give us a call on 01243 531170, and we would be happy to assist you.