Proposals to abolish ‘no-fault’ evictions in England have been unveiled. The plans mark a significant step towards fulfilling a manifesto pledge made by the Conservative party during their election campaign three and a half years ago.

The Renters’ (Reform) Bill was introduced in Parliament on May 17th.

According to the DLUHC (Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities), these plans will have a far-reaching impact on approximately 11 million tenants and 2 million landlords across England.

In addition to ending no-fault evictions, the legislation will grant tenants the legal right to keep pets in their homes. The Bill will also make it unlawful for landlords and agents to impose blanket bans on renting to benefit claimants or families with children.

What are no-fault evictions?

No-fault evictions, commonly referred to as ‘Section 21’ evictions, currently allow landlords to remove tenants and regain possession of their properties without providing a specific reason.

Under the current system, landlords can evict tenants by serving them a notice period of two months.

Why are some people against no-fault evictions?

Charities such as Shelter argue that no-fault evictions can lead to homelessness as renters have no right to appeal this process.

While temporary relief was provided for renters during the Covid pandemic, the reintroduction of no-fault evictions led to a significant increase in eviction rates. The new law will protect tenants from unfair evictions.

What are the benefits of the ban on no-fault evictions?

Some of the key benefits of the ban include:

  • Increased tenant security. The ban provides greater stability and security for tenants.
  • Prevention of homelessness. By abolishing no-fault evictions, the ban helps to prevent individuals and families from being forced into homelessness.
  • Fairness. The ban ensures that tenants are not unfairly evicted without any fault on their part.

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