If you’re selling your home at a time when lawns, weeds and plants are growing by the day, it’s important they are kept under control for viewings as well as for when it’s photographed by your estate agent. After all, those photographs will be going online, in a brochure and possibly in a shop window. This is even more important at a time when outdoor space has shot to the top of the list for property buyers. Henry Prager from our sales team provides his top tips in order to ensure your garden is looking its very best this summer to help attract higher offers and a much quicker sale…

Lawn maintenance

Have a good look at your garden and ask yourself how the lawn looks. Is there moss? Are there patches of dead grass or holes that your dogs have dug up? These factors all need addressing if you are to impress potential buyers on a viewing. Do a google online and find some tips from gardening experts as to how to improve your lawn(s). You will also need to mow quite regularly at the moment as the grass will be growing at a rate of knots no doubt due to the combination of humidity and rain that we have had.


Weeding isn’t fun for anybody, but it does need to be done. Ensure borders, flower pots, hanging baskets and so on are weed free – this will probably mean removing them on a weekly basis if you are selling during the summer months. If you really don’t fancy getting on your hands and knees, why not use weeding as a pocket money incentive for your children to do it instead?

Keep up with the watering, deadheading, pruning and cutting

There’s nothing uglier than looking at dead flowers, plants and shrubs, so keep on top of the watering. Even though we haven’t had huge amounts of sunshine, it’s still extremely warm out there. Meanwhile deadheading and pruning will help tidy things up a bit, whilst cutting back creeping brambles and overgrown hedges and trees will enhance an area immediately. A garden that looks tidy and alive does wonders in a buyers’ eyes – and the summer really is the time to be showing off how wonderful everything looks when in full bloom.

Tidy up

Buyers try to imagine what it would be like to live at a property, but they can’t do that if a garden is cluttered or messy. Tools, children’s toys and so on should be cleared away. Clear up after your dog. Make sure any garden furniture is clean and tidy. It’s worth dressing the table and adding a fresh vase of flowers as if you were about to sit down for lunch. This can help reinforce to buyers that your home offers a fantastic area for a spot of alfresco dining. Sweep around patio/decking areas and if you have an artificial lawn, don’t forget to hoover it. Try to keep on top of all of this whilst your home is for sale in order to avoid a panic when a last minute viewing gets booked in.

Add some colour

You can enhance your garden very cheaply with a bit of colour, whether that’s adding in a few potted plants or a hanging basket or two. Your local garden centre should have some lovely options in a variety of colours, often with some sort of offer on them too.

Do repairs

Perhaps the 50mph winds we’ve had have blown over a fence or two, or given your shed, summerhouse or greenhouse a bit of a battering… Or is your side gate broken or falling apart? If so, it’s time to fix them. Trust us when we say anything that’s broken will be noticed by buyers, so don’t put them off.

For more advice about maximising your garden’s appeal in order to sell your home this summer quickly and for the best possible price, contact Hancock & Partners’ sales team on 01243 531155 or e-mail office@hancockpartners.co.uk.