If your buy to let property or home isn’t selling right now, it may be time to reassess things. Buyer demand is certainly out there still, and with Chichester and its surrounding villages being in a strong sellers’ market, good quality properties priced correctly from the offset with an appropriate marketing strategy in place are selling quickly. If yours isn’t attracting much interest, sadly, there’s probably a reason why.

The danger is, the longer a property sits on the portals where the launch date is on full display, it will start to look stale in the eyes of prospective buyers. Questions can arise such as ‘Well what’s wrong with it? Why hasn’t it sold yet?,’ which could impact what your home is worth to them and encourage low offers.

Here are a few things to think about to help get you back on track…

Is the price too high?

The main reason a house or apartment does not sell, is because it is too expensive. It is so important to make sure your estate agent is being honest about what your property is really worth. Priced too high and you just won’t get the level of success correctly valued homes are achieving at the moment.

Do you need new photography or to change the lead photograph?

Pictures paint a thousand words and are where first impressions count. For example, if you have poor quality ones, you are portraying low-quality accommodation. Have a good look at what yours look like – you’ll be able to tell if they have been professionally taken or not. If you launched over the festive season and your Christmas decorations are showing in the pictures, then you’re highlighting that you’ve been on the market a while. Make sure the lead photograph is a showstopper of a picture. If you have been on a while, it is actually worth changing the lead photograph. Sometimes it just takes an overhaul to create interest.

What does your property look like in the photographs and on viewings?

Another big issue is what a home actually looks like, and this comes down to first impressions again. If it looks messy or prospective buyers can see wallpaper peeling off the walls, cracked tiles, dripping taps, blown lightbulbs, an overgrown lawn, a tired greenhouse and so on, they’re going to be put off. Good presentation is key – both online and offline. For photographs, make sure you have given your property a good clean and a tidy up. On viewings, especially in the colder months, pop the fire, turn on all the lights, put the heating on and light a non-scented candle to create a homely feel. Ensure everything is looking clean and tidy too, inside and out.

Are you with an estate agent who has experience in selling your type of property?

Whether you have an apartment, a vast country house or a maisonette with huge rental potential, you need to make sure you are using somebody who has a good track record for selling that type of property. They will have the database you want access to, and know how to promote its features in order to maximise interest.

Is your property being marketed properly?

Speak with your estate agent and find out how they are making potential buyers aware your property is for sale. It is not just about listing on the main portals and waiting for phone calls to come flooding in. That may not happen… Social media plays a key part in raising awareness now, as does email marketing, local advertising, company blogs and e-newsletters for example. Does your estate agent have a pool of registered buyers they are making contact with? Are they offering virtual tours for time-poor individuals or those who may be nervous about physical viewings at the moment? Out of area buyers often like to see something via video call first before selecting a short list they would like to view in person on one day.

Do you need to switch estate agents?

It might be worth switching agents…  Do your research and ask friends and family who they recommend. Don’t choose somebody based on who offers the lowest fee – instead ensure they are good at selling your type of property and offer a cohesive marketing and pricing strategy that will attract the best result possible for you.


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