It’s not just hard for buyers to find a home in today’s busy market. The pandemic has also brought about a surge in demand for country life from tenants, and with a shortage of good quality homes to let in and around Chichester, this has made it just as difficult to find a property to move into.

The imbalance between supply and demand means the competition is a lot higher for tenants, with many properties letting the day they launch – sometimes even before they have even hit the property portals. Tenants with pets in particular have an additional obstacle, because a lot of landlords are still very wary of providing pet friendly accommodation – even though there are plenty of benefits for doing so.

In an ideal world, you want a stress free straight forward process. Given it’s a ‘landlord’s market’ out there who have the luxury of being able to pick which tenant they want in their properties, our lettings team have provided some pointers for finding something quickly:

Keep in touch with local letting agents regularly to secure the first viewing

Register with local estate agents and keep in touch with them on a regular basis so that you are kept at the top of their minds. Do still keep an eye out on property portals, but often letting agents are speaking with registered applicants before those go online, meaning other tenants are getting the first viewings and not you.

Agree to rent a property at the first viewing

Many tenants are actually agreeing to rent a property at their first viewing. This is one of the best ways to secure a home in today’s market – assuming the house or flat is right for you of course.

Be ready to proceed

Like with the sales market, you need to prove you are organised and ready to proceed. A tenant with excellent references, the required paperwork, payslips, proof of ID and available funds in place ready to go upon registering are more likely to be chosen, as it demonstrates to letting agents/landlords that you are serious about moving. If fifteen people are viewing a house for example, you want to make sure you are ranked in first position. Nobody wants to be chasing tenants for their documents in today’s market. It only sets off alarm bells.

Budget accordingly

You don’t want to have to pull out at the last minute because you hadn’t realised how much everything was going to cost, so budget accordingly. Rental prices are increasing in Chichester due to property falling short of demand. This is a very desirable area with good transport links, schools and of course, a wonderful country lifestyle. You’ll also need to think about removal costs, (anything else?) Fees for references, credit checks and administration were banned from 1st June 2020 so you don’t need to worry about those extra costs anymore.

Offer vet references

Pet friendly accommodation is still quite limited, so if you do have animals and you’re struggling to find anywhere that allows them, it’s always worth offering vet references. This can help reinforce that you are a responsible tenant. It’s been known to change some of our landlord’s minds.

Have your deposit ready to go

Don’t wait for the return of the deposit on your current home to fund your next one. Delays can occur and it just drops you to the bottom of the queue if you aren’t ready to proceed. Make sure you have the required funds in your account ready to go by other means so that the moment your offer is accepted, you can transfer it immediately. Any form of delay can suggest that you’re waiting to hear about another property or can’t afford to pay it yet, so you risk your letting agent going to somebody else.

Agree criteria with sharers before your search

If you’re looking for a home with friends, it’s worth agreeing what your requirements are before your search begins. Otherwise delays can happen and you risk missing out on the good properties. Also, put all of your deposits into a joint account in advance.

Be prepared to compromise

Like with buying, compromises usually have to be made in order to a rent a new home. Write a list of what you need, and what you want – there’s a big difference between the two. That way you’ll be able to make a much quicker decision and still be in the running to secure a property you like.

Write a covering letter

It’s always worth trying to make a personal connection with a landlord by explaining who you are and why their home is perfect for you in a covering letter. Many can be swayed by knowing that a family will be moving in for example, or a newly wed couple seeking their next adventure.

Use a good letting agent

Finding a rental home via a good letting agent is the safest and quickest way to find and leave a property, as tenants are protected from rogue landlords from start to finish of the tenancy.


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